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What is volume?

Volume is a numerical quantity for 3-dimensional space. Volume is used to quantify the space which is occupied by some object or substance of interest. It is not the same as space which is the unoccupied available emptiness that surrounds us and many other objects within this known universe.

How is it used?

Volume is a measurement for the amount of space that an object or substance may occupy. The context in how we use it as an intelligence is a measurement metric. It is often expressed in cubic units such as (mm3, cm3, cc).

Why is it important?

Poor quality volumes can have disastrous results. This can range from the misestimation of fluids a container or vessel may store. Or the vapour trails (volume loss) occurred through a pipe works' faulty joints. And/or a vapour line which begins leaking because reference volumes upon manufacturement are incorrect.

Whenever we take measurements where there exists at least 3-dimensions, we are always using some form of volume.

Why volume.cc?

Some volumes are not trivial to compute in addition to multiple surpluses. It makes logical sense to equip supply chains and their personnel with robust, tried and tested utilities where volumes may be computed as effortlessly and easily as possible.

Whilst not trivial, in many cases its imperative that they are correct. Good quality volume control can, does and will continue to save lifes.