Volume.cc API

Note: All calls made to our api return a status code from the set {OK, NOK}. Our api is organised around REST and it returns JSON-encoded responses. The base URL of our API is:

The following table contains a list of parameters and possible values. These appear in the API responses.

calc...real time status of the global calculator (status code)
calc_digest...real time hash digest of the current calculator variant
descriptor...string (name/id) of the current item expressed
status...indicates if the query executed successfully (status code)
time...the time that the query completed
volume...numeric volume metric, always expressed via cubic millimeters

Check Service Status

You may check the status of our service using the method service_status:

... returns the status of platform services.

Typical response of the form:


Fetch Volume of Network Share

Our api allows you to fetch the volume of a network share. The volume has already been computed for you according to our standards. In order to retrieve the network share volume, you need to pass a legitimate network share ID along with your GET request.

Use the method fetch_volume:

... returns a volume for the network share 1.

Typical response of the form:

{"status":"OK","time":1704148911,"descriptor":"Tyre Estimate","volume":9351474.132185612}
Here the volume is always expressed via the cubic millimeter. In this case, it illustrates that the Tyre Estimate is one which has a spatial complexity of at least 9.3 litres.

Network Shares

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