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We minimise the amount of data we capture given that it aligns with our security policy ("if we don't need it, we don't store it"). We do not knowingly sell data which we do capture. There is often a strategic need for any data we do capture and the data we do utilise is disclosed herein.


We use cookies to maintain sessions. These "sessions" allow us to persist your login between multiple tabs and/or when you leave our web service and later revisit. The login "session" persists between durations of time. Cookies are small plain text files used by web services to offer extended functionality. Without these, the web we are accustomed to would be vastly different.

Log Files and IP Addresses

As with all websites, visits to the website are logged by IP address, browser type (user-agent), referral URLs with date and time records. We do not share this information but we do process it to view our market share and demographics of our visitors. This is a legitimate and fair method to view our performance on a monthly basis.


If you utilise our services extensively, we ask that you take a subscription to help with our project aims. This helps us continue engineering great products. We use stripe to process all data safely and in full compliance of international laws. Stripe handles everything financially including the storage of invoice data. The data we have access to for mapping subscriptions is the textual email address. We map user accounts to subscriptions using the email address as a unique identifier.

Data we process includes the email address, order creation date/time and its expiry date/time. Stripe handles transaction data and such data is accustomed to their own privacy policy governing the international markets they cater for.

Surplus Volumes

Surplus volumes are additional sub volumes which may be added to existing volumes list. They are repeatable. In order to offer the facility, we need store a copy of each surplus you define specific to your account. Surplus volumes may be saved private or public. You may wish to share them, you may not.

User Accounts

We store a textual copy of your email address should you choose to register an account with us. This is solely so our systems can identity you, a unique ("end user"). We utilise hashing algorithms which give us secure digests for securely storing account passwords. As always, we highly recommend the use of password managers to ensure that you ("the end user") use a distinct password for each distinct web service that you utilise. We store a textual copy of your IP address so we can manage our demographics strategy and provide regional specific services (translation being one example) across a diverse range of audiences.

Volume Lists

Should you use the save function, our system stores your volume list in our cloud. This makes it possible at a later date to retrieve the volumes you have bound to your user account. It also makes it possible should you use the facility to share these volumes with your coworkers and/or friends.
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