Answers to common questions (A-Z).

Can you add functions onto the existing API?

Indeed, we can. Simply contact our engineering team to get started.

Do you offer an API service?

Yes, contact us to learn more about deployment plans.

Do you offer an affiliate service?

We are considering the best method of offering affiliations. Its likely we will offer a commission scheme via a referral system. At present, this is something we need to implement albeit it would certainly not be difficult to do so.

We always welcome suggestions and dialogue so feel free to contact us to discuss further.

My network share isn't appearing on the index nor within search results?

When you share a dataset, you're provided the options (Public, Private). If public, the dataset will appear on the protocol as a public asset and thus be accessible from within search data. If you chose private then the unique URL (+ID) was only visibly given to yourself. You can choose who you share this ID with since it does not appear within search nor on our index.

My subscription has expired, have I lost my datasets?

No you may log into your account and access them from the File->Open option.

How can I contact Volume.cc?

You may proceed to our contacts page.

How much does API access cost?

Basic functions are available free of charge, such as a simple status check for operators which rely upon our services. Advanced functions require a subscription. The current cost may be reviewed on our index under the "Web Services" heading.

Is the datafile file format documented?

Yes, a description along with a cooling prototype is available on our github account.

What is Volume.cc all about?

Volume.cc is a platform of web applications to aid engineers operating globally. Our platform simplifies the complexities with tool chains which offer incredible value.

What purpose does an API service status check serve?

We may have a network update queued, whilst we can provide forewarning that an update is due to occur. Remote operators may use autonomous systems and a service status check tracker allows us to notify them that a pending update is due.

During this period, it is ideal for us to change the status of say calc to NOK whilst the update takes place. After the update has completed, its status may return to OK. Given this facility, remote operators can indeed pause their operations and resume if and when safe to do so.
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